Message from Boy Remo


As promised, I’m back, keeping in touch with you all. I am very pleased to know that you and UP Ibalon, are now getting together when possible. Indeed, watching your video clips bring a lot of memories back. Good seeing you – Eden, Zuyen, Joel and Mighty again. I am just perusing the videos so I have a feeling I will be seeing more familiar faces, a few more times a watch the video again. Did I say somebody gained some weight from what I remember 20 years ago ??? Just kidding !!!
Post my email address on the UP Ibalon page. I like to keep in touch with you all.
Please send those video clips to our friend Steve David. I know he is dying to hear from you all as well. I’m here in Saint Thomas, US VI on my vacation. So this is the only time I may be able to consistently reply to your emails on a timely manner.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Photo taken at Aguirangan Island during the latest visit of Boy, Oct. 20, 2007


One Response to “Message from Boy Remo”

  1. mesiamd Says:

    BoyR! Amazing to see you here after such a long time. Kumusta ka na! Dae ta kana mabisto! Huna ko kun siisay na guapong dipungal na naghahanap ki Natalie Holloway sa Aruba! Suba sana! hahaha! LOL!


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