Update on the Steering Committee Meeting


by Annaliza Mariano

(Feb. 23, 2008 7:30 P.M. at Max’s Restaurant, Avenue Square, Magsaysay Ave., Naga City)

The Steering Committee composed of Butch Robredo, Ann Mariano, Rose
Bernardo-Nayve and Andy Gimpaya met together with Nene Badiola-Lopo
and Dulce Bernardo. The following were discussed:

1. The Back to School or Balik Eskwela proposed project where we will
distribute school supplies this June to incoming students of a
particular barangay, Butch said that we can do this anytime.

2. Medical/Dental Mission was also proposed in the Feb. 9 meet at
Little Asia, this can also be done anytime by the doctors/dentists in
the org.

3. Another project proposed last Feb. 9 was How to get more Bicolano
students into UP was discussed. HOW TO GET INTO UP proposal can be a long-term, recurring project that the group can undertake. As UP
graduates, this project is in the area of education and can foster
academic excellence. It is in an area of our commonality, experience
and expertise. Moreover, it is something that bears the UP stamp.

4. A resource speaker was invited, Clarine Palomares-Tobias, UP BS
Tourism 1990. She heads MEMORECALL, a study center at Ateneo Ave.,
Naga City which also offers UPCAT Review among others. She gave the
group a situationer. Among the things she shared are:

5. There is a lack of awareness of UPCAT. Students do not know that
there is even an UPCAT, nor the deadline for filing of application
form (June), exam date (August 5),applic. form fee (P250 or P500). In
short, very few students from Bicol get into UP because they don’t
even know it exists.

6. Students need help in filling up application form. Tips on what
course to choose as options, that quota courses as a rule have to be
avoided, and other insider tips are not known thus decreasing the
chances of ever getting into the UP system.

7. MEMORECALL offers UPCAT review for P4,500 per student. it consists
of 25 meetings or 100 hours of review. Review starts in April. Clarine
said that she can offer a group discount for UP Ibalon if and when we
do decide to undertake this project which can include sponsorship of
review classes for indigents.

8. Among the weaknesses noted in high school students is the lack of
reading comprehension. We are poor in English.

9. Math review classes include Algebra and Trigonometry. Dulce
Bernardo is now a tutor for MATH at Memorecall.

10. After UPCAT, many who do not make it to their first choices do not
know how to get in through other means like transfer, varsity, etc.

11. Many also do not know how to survive the UP Culture/Way of Life.
This can be another topic for discussion/lecture.

12. We can endorse students we choose to the care of UP Ibalon in
campus once they enter UP.

13. We can provide application forms, scholarships/ financial
assistance to those students who come from rural areas.

14. Ann Mariano will talk with a friend from Libmanan who is
undertaking a 2-week intensive review for 4th year students in
cooperation with Pahinguhod (UP Extension services) to find out the
model he is using and where we can enter,improve, etc.

15. We will try to come up with our business model that will use the
resources we have at hand and that we can hopefully replicate.

16. At least 3 areas were identified where we can be of assistance:
information campaign, application process and tutorials/review.

18. We can start this March for the information campaign before
schools close, review classes in April, help file application in June,
prepare for exam in August.

19. Next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, Feb.27, 2008 7 pm at Kopi
Roti, Magsaysay Ave, Naga City. Everyone interested is invited.

For comments, please cite item number for easy facilitation.

– Annaliza Mariano

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