Steering Committee Meeting Report No. 3


by Ann Mariano

To recap, the UP Ibalon has had the following meetings:

1. Feb. 2, 2008 – Reunion Dr. Eden Borja Fernando’s residence
2. Feb. 9, 2008 – Steering Committee Meet No. 1 – Little Asia
3. Feb. 23, 2008 -Steering Committee Meet No. 2 – Max’s Restaurant
4. Feb. 27, 2008 -Steering Committee Meet No. 3 – Kopi Roti


1. I gave a report on my friend James Jaucian’s planned 2-week live-
in intensive UPCAT Review in Libmanan. It is a project of the
Municipality of Libmanan Local School Board in cooperation with UPLB
Ugnayang Pahinguhod. It is entitled Academic Enhancement and Youth
Leadership Training because UP faculty are not allowed to conduct
review. The Top 2 of 14 schools in Libmanan will be the target
participants. UP Ugnayan will send 6 trainors and they will shoulder
per diem/honorarium. On the other hand, Libmanan will shoulder the
food, accommodation and trasportation of trainors. They will be
housed in the Bicol Central Academy.

2. Butch said that it will be better for us to develop our own
model/project rather than join with Libmanan or MEMORECALL. He
promised to shoulder also the food, accommodation and transportation
of reviewers if we have.

3 Mighty has been tasked to coordinate with UP Diliman Pahinguhod if
they would be willing to conduct a “review” in Naga City this summer.
Mighty has promised to get back to the Committee in one week if this
is indeed possible.

4. We are pressed for time considering that the school year is about
to end by March 15 or 20. This gives us only a week to conduct an
information campaign/send out invitations, if ever, to different
schools for a summer review class. Target is May 2008 for the

5. We will open it up to 3rd year students of public schools in Naga,
Iriga and neigboring municipalities.

6. It can just be a simple advisory, giving of materials, pointers in
application. All this will be decided after we get word from Mighty.

2 Responses to “Steering Committee Meeting Report No. 3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why limit participation to 3rd year students only? Seniors or even college freshmen not knowledgeable of the UPCAT process (es) can benefit from these informational seminars.

    Thank you for holding these benevolent projects. I would have benefit from these if they were available during my time! I qualified as a transfer student. However, for lack of a good mentor (or sponsor), I lost my placement.

    From a frustrated UP student!

  2. upibalonbicol Says:

    Thank you for your comment. This will be forwarded to the Steering Committee and be discussed in the next meeting.

    Blog Admin

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