From e-group moderator/blog admin


We acknowledge the following members who registered to the UP Ibalon Bicol e-group in the last 7 days:

ImeldaTresvalles- Cabanes
Gods Lanuza
Annelee Badiola-Lojo
Stephen Acabado
Bingbing Badiola-Bretan
Rose Bernardo Nayve

Again, we welcome you all and we appreciate your response. (Balot, I have posted the invitation to Mhel Galvante-Magpantay. Please follow up).


To all:
We have been researching, exploring the possibility of merging the 2 existing alumni e-groups because we believe in one communication channel for all UP Ibalon alumni. In fact we believe in one strong UP Ibalon alumni association, to include even those non-regulars who consider themselves UP Ibalon alumni. Every single UP alumnus is too valuable to ignore. The latest word from Yahoo! is that merging 2 Yahoo! groups is just not possible. So meanwhile, we can offer the UP Ibalon Bicol weblog as a medium of communication common to all. We put in the sidebar all the links we can find to web sites that have UP Ibalon content. Anyone may also subscribe to our RSS feeds. From our long-term discussions, maybe we can arrive at a consensus on what to do on issues that affect us and where the UP Ibalon should go.

After that Feb. 02 2008 alumni reunion, our effort to establish immediate Web presence, through weblog and e-group, was a rapid response to concerns that the reunion could be another hello-goodbye affair, a perennial complaint I was told. (This author has been inactive in UP Ibalon affairs for so many years and has not been updated on several issues). Personally, I do not see it as trying to put up another alumni association. We simply liked to extract the most long-term benefits for the alumni out of Eden’s expenses.

Now, we are moving. And who knows what great things we can do, considering that our membership cover a wide range of professions and areas of businesses.

Everybody, please speak up and keep discussions flowing!

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