For lack of heroes, Marcos comes back as UP Vanguard’s hall-of-famer


In ABS-CBN online news today, Saturday, March 15, 2008, an interesting news item came as a surprise.

Ferdinand E. Marcos, the ignominous Philippine dictator who laid the groundwork of the dirty politics and immorality we have today, was chosen as the UP Vanguard’s 19th hall-famer. Yes! That’s him—the Guinness World Records’ greatest thief title holder!

How did it happen?

The Vanguards said elevating Marcos to such honor was in recognition of his “contributions” to UP’s Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC.) It had “nothing to do with politics,” suggesting that the guy must be so damn foul and dirty, except for his family, friends, and those who profitted from his patronage.

Never mind the horrors of the Nalundasan case, the decades-long conjugal plunder of the Philippine treasury, the poisoning of our collective psyche– to name a few. All these didn’t matter to the Vanguards. As far as they knew, Marcos helped their fraternity! Period.

What a shame! The UP Vanguards, a supposedly enlightened and intelligent group, has run out of heroes. Our colleagues have blunted their value judgement to honor a man who disgraced his school and made the entire nation destitute and miserable.

For brushing aside ideals, UP Vanguard has invited scorn and derision of decent people around the world. This comes at a time when the nation is aching over corruption, incompetency, and immorality which show no end.


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