March 30, 2008: Divine Mercy Sunday


The Sunday following the Easter memorial of Christ’s resurrection, the feast of Divine Mercy is celebrated worldwide.

In America, the celebration is in the Shrine of Divine Mercy, situated in a small quiet hamlet of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The place is visited by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, a tradition that is reminiscent of the prayer and celebration we do honoring Mary in our Bicol Penafrancia Fiesta.

It’s interesting. Thousands of miles away, our country is afire with the Divine Mercy message. Maybe, we feel the need for it. Yes, we don’t have to go further than our present experiences to see the reasons why.

This wonderful day is a moment to look inwardly at our lives; we ask for God’s boundless love and understanding. We seek pardon and hope for the salvation of the world.

Today, I opted not to join the group, Our Lady of Penafrancia Devotees Association of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut (OLPDA) which brings a delegation of pilgrims to Stockbridge, Massachusetts. My health prevents me. I’m glad though to share this special day with you. It reminds us of our own weakness, our difficulties, and our dependence to God’s unrelenting love.


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