When Money Rains From The Sky


About 23.5 million Filipinos — a quarter of the population — earn 67 pesos or less a day (Gov’t Readies P500 Subsidies to 4 Million Filipinos, ABS-CBN NewsOnline, AP 06/02/08). They’re unlike their southern neighbors, the Indonesians. Millions of them also live on the same measly budget (less than $2 per day.) With rising fuel prices, they struggle with worsening poverty.

On a bright sunny day, motivational speaker and author Tung Desem Waringin dropped $10,700 worth of Indonesian paper bills in a soccer field, 40 miles from Jakarta. He avoided doing it in the capital city for fear of chaos and mayhem that could arise from the crowds. The people dashed like crazy snatching the money from the wind. The give-away cash was a stunt to promote Mr. Warigin’s book entitled Marketing Revolution.

The frenzied excitement of the poor caught in the picture taken by Associated Press (06/02/08, Alangkara, D) could well be the same in the Philippines if the much-needed currency was dropped there. In fact, it may be the same anywhere each time money unexpectedly rains from the sky. =0=


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