Quotes to ponder


The inflation rate will still go up before it goes down and there is a very good chance that it will breach 10 percent. The ten percent is an important threshold. Beyond this level, the psychology of the people changes and it becomes more difficult to control their expectations of price increases.”

-Cayetano Paderanga, UP economist who predicts the difficulty of controlling inflation in what analysts call RP’s brewing “perfect economic storm.” abs-cbnNewsOnlineI/AFP (06/09/08).

Life is not a battle. I love it; I want more of it. That’s all I ask, just a little more.”

-Rudy Fernandez, Filipino actor shortly before he died of periampullary cancer on June 7, 2008. PDI (05/14/08, Velarde, EG)

“You may be a Frenchman, but you can’t outthink a Filipino.”

-Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile rebuking Hubert D’Aboville, spokesman of Joint Foreign Chamber and president of European Chamber of Commerce for urging Pres. Gloria Arroyo not to renegotiate government contracts with independent power producers or allow amendments to the Electric and Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA). Enrile interprets this as foreign interference to RP’s legislative process. Inquirer.net (06/06/08, Uy, V.)

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