A hurried bright comet blazing in the night sky

“Thirty years after the fatal shot which took his young life, a UP Ibalonian recalls Floro E. Balce— the evanescence of his time, the greatness of his sacrifice and the humanity of his dream.”

“This is a tribute to Ka Manding, one among the heroic braves who died in the pitch-blackness of the night— of yet to be won battle, before the sun comes up for a better day. The cause he embraced remains contentious, yet noble—that which draws others to learn and admire his lofty path.”

“In our fond conversations, I naughtily poked on a pretty Ibalonian Rebecca Espeso who made Floro twinkle-eyed.

Magayonon!” I excitedly whispered to his ear. With jerky convulsions on Floro’s shoulder, his elated eyes were as thin as the coin-hole slits of a piggy bank. He chuckled loud as though I heard Brad Pitt laughing somewhere.”

Part II: The Mighty Guy of UP Ibalon

He isn’t called strong or powerful for without a reason. Battle-scarred, insightful and mellowed, Apolonio “Mighty” Baylon who feels tenaciously united with Bicol, continues his thoughts on his love—the UP Ibalon. More than 30 years after he successfully rallied Bicolano students in Diliman campus to establish an organization, here he is—still loyal, ponderous, and unexpurgated.

Floro E. Balce: Iskolar ng Bayan, Part II

“An incisive account of Floro’s involvement with Pulang Hamtic as a selfless cadre of the New People’s Army. In a hallowed memorial of Bantayog ng Mga Bayani, his name is etched with another intrepid Bicolano, a former Naga Parochial School student, Alexander Bellone II.


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