Air Pollution Worries Athletes in Beijing Olympics


In spite of efforts to curb pollution in the August Beijing Games, concern lingers among athletes who are arriving to compete in the olympics. Some American track cycling athletes recently planed wearing masks in spite of China shutting down factories and preventing half of 3.3 million vehicles to ply on the road to decrease pollution. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty/Brown,F.

“You got to take every chance you have just to protect the airways,”. “It’s really just taking every precaution necessary. Who knows how bad it’s going to be in a few days so if you can resist any air pollution, any contaminants, then you know it’s better performance hopefully,” Michael Friedman, an US Olympic cyclist said

Masks are of doubtful use if chemical pollutants that affect the athletes’ health and performance are suspended on the air.

Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the IOC medical commission, said the committee is evaluating the city’s air quality based on standards set by the World Health Organization. She said the air monitoring results from 27 sites since July 27, 2008 had been encouraging. AP(08/05/08)

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