The Filipino-American President of the United States?


No sooner than former mayor Rudy Guiliani of New York (who rose to prominence for heroically managing the 911 terrorist attack of the Twin Tower) advised us that we must choose the candidate we can trust, I got this composite photo of a man from my email. (Photo Credit: KTphotografia)

He has the striking hallmarks of success which represent how a US presidential candidate of Filipino-American descent may look. Like Barack Obama, the familiar gentleman doesn’t have any resemblance to the faces which grace the dollar bills of United States. He doesn’t have the skin tone, tall nose, and demeanor of ex-soldier-former POW John McCain either. But interestingly, he makes us smile and think for a while. He mixes flavors just like our cool halo-halo served with long spoons and tall elegant glasses.

Do you know this man?

Dressed in a dark power suit and a matching gray tie, he has the curly hairdo of Barack Obama, the moustache of top pugilist Manny Pacquiao, and the twinkle of a smile from a regular brown guy walking the streets of Manila. The azure bright sky auspiciously beckons behind him. It’s the best clime for our presidential candidate—for the top job in Washington, DC.

Yet, what could be in his background, his mind, and ability to make us think he can be presidential? Is he the guy we can trust or is he the person we can repeat our history together? Eyeing the presidency starts with a dream, but it can end up with a nightmare as well.

During a visit to Philippines, Guiliani was a speaker in a Manila forum dubbed “Leadership in Times of Crisis.” He seemed well-informed about the politics in Manila so much so that he focused on a timely theme—-a government we need must be principled, honest, transparent, and not obsessed with popularity. His advice was well-received by VIPs, executives, government men, think tanks, and business leaders whom he asked, “Who do you want that’s closest to the future for your country?” =0=


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