Fake Bus Stop for Confused Patients


In Dusseldorf, Germany, in front of a Benrath Senior Center is a fake bus stop designed for Alzheimer’s patients who may wander around wanting to go places. A bit heart-rending and funny, this idea became a solution for some confused patients suffering from memory loss who go astray on their intent to go home, visit friends or shop by themselves.

The bus stop with a yellow and green sign is something the patients recognize as a place they can take a ride. But the buses don’t really stop there. The oldies are often advised the bus comes later in the day and if they are invited for a coffee, most of them forget that they wanted to leave.

Richard Neureither, the director of the Benrath senior facility said, the fake bus stop which goes to nowhere is an effective way to rein over the patients with dementia and difficulty of remembering. The “trick” has been used by other senior facilities in the country. AARP Bulletin (09/08 Vol 49, no.7; Telegraph.co.uk (06//03/08) =0=

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