A Mozart tune that could again make Salieri red with envy


Rest in peace! Uncovered by dust
Eternity shall bloom for you.
Rest in peace! In eternal harmonies
Your spirit now is dissolved.
He expressed himself in enchanting notes,
Now he is floating to everlasting beauty.

– Joseph Weigl, paying tribute to Antonio Salieri, his mentor

For those who believe that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was poisoned by Antonio Salieri, who was rumored (but not proven) to have killed the musical genius out of professional envy, the discovery of a handwritten draft in a French library would incite more of the same treacherous emotion if Salieri were alive.

A forgotten page found and reported by a researcher in Nantes, France, the 18th century melody sketch whose tune is complete is among 10 of Mozart’s works discovered in the last 50 years. Though without orchestration, the valuable page, if sold in auction, may sell to about $100,000. It was examined and authenticated by a reputable autograph hunter-expert Aloys Fuchs in Vienna in August 18, 1839. Washingtonpost.com /AP (09/17/08) Photo Credit: AP/David Vincent)

Prodigious and highly talented, Mozart was the subject of the movie Amadeus in 1984 whose plot centered on his deadly collaboration with Salieri. The latter was mad with God for giving Mozart the musical virtuosity that rightfully was his own.

An undoubtedly respected composer of his own right Salieri who counted Schubert, Liszt, Beethoven, and Czerny as his students, deviously sought Mozart to compose Requiem, the song of the dead he intended for Mozart’s own passing. He thought he could own up on the authorship of the composition upon the great composer’s death in 1791. In the movie, Salieri was portrayed as a hapless deranged man anguished in an asylum confessing his crime. =0=

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