Mr. Charisma clashes with Mr. Experience on economy & other key issues


On October 7, 2008 Tuesday, at Belmont University of Nashville, TN, the second debate between the charismatic Sen. Barack Obama and the more-experienced Sen. John McCain pushed through exposing their fundamental differences in the causations and remedies of the economic crisis. Tom Brokaw of NBC moderated the debate with a question-and-answer town hall format and covered issues on the economy, mortgage mess, war against terrorists, taxes, foreign policy, and healthcare which had been heard in the campaigns of both candidates.

Not far from what was unraveled in the previous debate, the presidential candidates clashed, but not with the spark that could clearly change the course of the race with Obama leading after last week’s economic meltdown. There were no knock-down questions that could bring out the character of the candidates and probe the answers for the allegations that cast doubt on credibility. Pollsters are busy tallying who won. The third and last debate is slated in Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY on October 15, 2008 and will be moderated by Bob Sheiffer of CBS News..=0=

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