Reflect Rather Than be Outright Ashamed To Be Filipino


I cannot fault FilAm Liberal Democrat (FLD) for being ashamed to be a Filipino. But this is self-defeating. We have only one country—and let’s not make any mistake about it. Philippines is again the odd man out in another unflattering way. We are out touch with rest of the world. Just like Sarah Palin, we are out of the league. I’ve got this feeling that if polls were taken here in the Philippines, Palin will have higher favorabilty rating than even Barack Obama. Talk of identification. That’s how out of touch this country is. Rather than condemn, we have to do something.

I invite you to weigh in. Just what is fundamentally wrong with country? I will blog on this later after I attend to some urgent matters. We cannot bask in our virtue and uniqueness and simply dismiss that we and the Georgians are right and to heck with those from 68 other countries.

See you later.

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