Support Bicol Trade!


The OK Bikol Trade Fair brings home a powerful message that assets come in many forms. To build something useful and tangible for the growth of the community, we need ideas and money. Yet we also require cooperation, initiative, and resolve to utilize the talents, time, and energy that reside in the people.

UP Ibalon Imelda T. Cabanes has shown us that there is much to be appreciated in the men and women who push hard to drum-up self-help and business sense. The entrepreneurial drive of Bicolanos is alive. There are economic gains which can be realized from the sale of “home furnishings, giftware, holiday décor, wearables, fresh and processed food, organic and natural products, cutlery and furniture.” Raw materials such as tikiw, salago, pagokpok and sorghum have a lot of promise in augmenting work and income.

One way to help Bicol business is to promote and patronize our locally-made goods so that others may follow. We need to buy more so we can produce more—It’s a form of habit modification which demands that we value our local products greater than the foreign ones. By involving the youth, we come to understand the often undervalued asset in our young generation. It is important for us to join hands to make our community better. (Photo Credits: Dan Daz/Imelda T. Cabanes)0=

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