Colostrum Conference in Bicol


The special antibody-rich, nutrient-packed milk called colostrum is produced by mothers in the first 72 hours after delivery. The milk contains valuable disease-fighting immunoglobulins (Ig) which support the body’s defense system, foster cell division, tissue growth, and body repair. Complementing the campaign that breastfeeding is best for babies up to two years, recent studies reveal that colostrum has other uses beyond the baby’s first few days of life.

Bovine colostrum (from cows) together with skim milk has been developed by Creeyan Laboratory, a company in Auckland, New Zealand. The company manufactures the Smart Naco Colostrum Product (SNC,) a novel immunoglobulin-colostrum (IgCo) milk that can help improve immunity, shorten recovery time from infections, repair arthritic joints, prevent and treat osteoporosis, lessen allergies, and delay the aging process. The main bioactive ingredients of the melamine-free SNI/Ig-Co include immunoglobulins (IgGs,) lactoferrins, proline-rich peptides and growth factors.

The newly introduced product is helpful for a lot of medical conditions including those with diabetes, asthma, allergies, patients with disordered and depressed immunity (immunocompromised,) cancer patients on chemotherapy, and those with chronic kidney problems and osteoporosis.

Dr. Amy Goleta-Dy, a UP Ibalonian and prominent pediatric-oncology specialist of St. Luke’s Medical Center, Manila who actively uses SNC/Ig-Co for her patients in the Cancer Foundation announces that SNI Philippines will present its product in Bicol to familiarize local doctors of the varied uses of SNI/Ig-Co.

The conference will be in Villa Caceres on October 30 at 5:30 PM in Naga City followed by another on October 31 in Chowking Pacific Mall at 5 PM in Legazpi City. All doctors, healthcare workers, caregivers and interested patients are invited. (Photo Credit: CreeyanLabs/ SNI Philippines) =0=


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