Election Day


In the US, voters cast ballots for individual candidates who are not bound to any party program except rhetorically, and not always then. Some Republicans are more liberal than some Democrats, some libertarians are more radical than some socialists, and many local candidates run without any party identification. No American citizen can vote intelligently without knowledge of the ideas, political background, and commitments of each individual candidate.”—Ben H. Bagdikian (American educator & journalist)

Months of campaign has finally brought the Americans to decide and vote on November 4, 2008. They have been treated with presidential debates, talk show humor, media analysts’ opinions, TV advertisements and radio commentaries, but still there is a pall of uncertainty whether the electorate really is deciding for the best candidates who’ll defend their interest.

Certainly, there are those who think passionately that they are doubly sure of their choice taking into account not only the economy, but also the culture USA is taking. And there are also those who are spooked by the immensity of the candidates’ eloquent promises which beg for action.

Today the voters silently cast their vote. It’s a regular working day for most Americans who approach the polls in their own terms. Whatever they decide will define the course of their lives and the whole nation. (Photo Credits: wwww.linesandcolors.com; m4roon3d)=0=

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