Huge Loss in Naga Supermarket Fire


by Fatima Edna Balaquiao

Last Friday evening, the Naga City supermarket was razed by fire particularly the 2nd and 3rd floors. Ninety-nine (99%) of the stores on the upper 2 floors were devastated. Rows of ukay-ukay stores (second-hand clothes sellers,) vegetables stalls, chicheria wholesalers, dried fish stalls, meat stalls were gobbled up by flames.

It’s almost December and market sellers are already on their way to stock-up for the Christmas holiday. It’s really sad seeing them now. They ply their trade on the side streets – sa gilid kan tinampo – specially the small-time vendors.

The local government has declared a state of calamity in Naga city. I don’t know when things will get back to normal, but probably it will take time. Haloy pa ini!. (Photo Credits: by kaveh; ToNo’World’s) =0=

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