Next Colostrum (Ig-Co) Meeting Slated


In view of the growing interest for the immunoglobulin colostrum (Ig-Co) milk offered by the Smart Naco Colostrum Co. (SNC,) another product presentation will be held at Geewan Centro (3rd Floor) in Naga City, Philippines at 1:30 PM on Friday, November 14, 2008. Since its introduction, Ig-Co has gained more than 200,000 users, adherent members and distributors.

According to Dr. Amy Goleta-Dy, noted pediatric oncologist of St. Luke’s Medical Center Cancer Foundation in Manila, this meeting is an opportunity to know the multi-faceted uses of the nutritive product.

The newly introduced product is helpful for a lot of medical conditions including those with diabetes, asthma, allergies, patients with disordered and depressed immunity (immunocompromised,) cancer patients on chemotherapy, and those with chronic kidney problems and osteoporosis.” Colostrum Conference in Bicol (10/28/08, mesiamd)

Those interested to learn more of Ig-Co including its potential for distributorship are invited to come. Dr. Goleta-Dy has the special invitation extended to frellow Ibalonians. Contact: Agnes Goleta at 0917-580-2301.=0=

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