Davao jailbirds in an April 2009 concert


Fr. Hermes Sabud, the Catholic chaplain of the Archdiocese Commission on Prison Welfare (ACPW) has a good idea. He has a plan of transforming jailbirds into songbirds. He’s readying to showcase the singing talents Davao Jail in a concert slated on April 4, 2009.

The remarkable show is to benefit the activities of the prison ministry. Just like the Cebu Provincial Jail dancers who entertained their audience with sometimes funny choreographed routines, the singers will do their job with music.

The unusual Davao concert is a timely invitation to all Filipinos to appreciate people’s talents. They can be found in seemingly unlikely places. In prison, a self-help fund-raising by those detained is commendable. Rather than staying idle in congested cells with little hope for social integration and improvement, the prisoners, in their incarceration, have a chance to harness their time and energy for a useful purpose. (Photo Credit: Andy Maluche: Melibinux)=0=



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