UP Para Sa Bayan


The 2008 celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the University of the Philippines (UP) is about to close. There is much to thank for as many unnamed students and graduates have worked hard to fulfill their personal dreams and realize the school’s mission. On the other hand, there is much to be ashamed of (or regretful about) if some of UP’s graduates have fallen short of their potential.

UP Para Sa Bayan, a huge display of public service will be held in campus this Saturday, December 13, 2008. The slogan and happy occasion will showcase the relevance the school plays for the country. It will surely make many people feel good and proud.

A hundred “oblation men” will have a photo shoot at the amphitheatre. Free medical, veterinary, legal, and dental services will be offered to the public. A blood drive, a school-sponsored mass wedding and public entertainment are slated— all in one day.

This is the right time for every UP graduate to mull on what leadership, excellence, and service mean. There are those who say the university is now focused on service. And leadership and educational excellence have long been century-old indelible school trademarks.

But are they true? One can’t help but wonder if truth is what most people really see in the government-funded top learning center. The mirage which blurs the university’s actual accomplishments and failures still remains. Photo Credits: BotchokoyD, KuManahan; Ulan25; ButchokoyD) =0=


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