Bicol reforestation


At the rate of 2,000 hectares per year of reforestation being done in the Bicol Region, it will take about 50 years to plant trees on denuded areas. The time it takes doesn’t include the on-going forest loss due to encroachment of humans.

According to Antonio Abaway, the techinical director of forestry management services, there are about 100,000 hectares of bald forest which need replanting of trees. For obvious reasons, this must be done in many areas of the region as soon as possible.

Though the Bicol River Basin Water Management Project (BRBWMP) is at the center of projects to restore foliage in the area, it’s desirable the effort involves the whole community. People need to be responsibly involved in managing their environment. As an example, the flash floods such as the one which destroyed 7 towns and killed some people in Camarines Norte on December 1, 2008 have been attributed to deforestation. (Photo Credits: Danesller; Dachalan)=0=



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