Cory Aquino’s "Apology": A Betrayal?


Days after former President Cory Aquino’s supposed apology to former President Estrada, I am still in wonderment and puzzled about all the hullabaloo coming from her political allies. Does a former President lose her right to rue one of her public actions? Can an icon like no longer look back to one of the most controversial portions of our history?

Or are all these manifestations of insecurity on the part of her political allies? That she is no longer one with them in affirming that “they did the right thing” in participating in EDSA II?

Among the comments against her that I read, the most galling is the Philippine Daily Inquirer Editorial Opinion on December 26, 2008. Allow me to quote some excepts:

“…former Corazon Aquino’s apology to the disgraced former President Joseph Estrada for the “mistake” of Edsa 2001 is a betrayal of the highest aspirations of the democracy she helped restore in 1986…”

My opinion: Very strong words. I wish that has been reserved for the power-seeking couple now occupying Malacanang.

It also betrays the elitist understanding of the former President…of the dynamics of recent mass movements in Philippine politics.”

My take: No supporting arguments were offered for this contention. I wonder what are the credentials of the writer regarding the topic of mass movements. I am not even sure that EDSA II is the result of a mass movement.

Edsa II was a direct political action triggered by evidence of grave presidential wrongdoing…”

Last year’s well-argued, solidly based Sandiganbayan decision finding him guilty of two of four counts of plunder is the best justification for Edsa II.”

I say: Does the Inquirer say that everytime there’s evidence of “grave presidential wrongdoing” an EDSA II must be launched?

I think this editorial and comments like this reek of political self-righteousness as in, “Yes, we were completely right”, and a refusal to re-study EDSA II. And probably this also shows a refusal to recognize that they were used and conned by a power-seeking couple that now occupies the stinking Palace by the Pasig river.

To be consistent the allies of former President Aquino should launch another EDSA II and it is probably only right to expect the Inquirer to lead this if they believe in their own editorial. And we will probably see who has a poorer understanding of the dynamics of mass movements.

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