The 10th simple new year’s resolution


When I posted some suggested New Year’s pledges for 2009, I was cut short at number 9. My mind went blank and I needed to blog fast. The last few minutes of my one-hour stay in the public library rolled on quickly. So instead of 10, I ended up with only 9. The shadow of the next person who’d use the PC was already at my back. I needed to give him my spot.

As I drove home, one word cropped in my head—honesty. Be honest! Maybe that was what I wanted for the 10th resolution even if I knew it’s hard to do.

It is said honesty can be a bedfellow of hypocrites. People say a genuinely honest person in this world is nonexistent—a result of our fallen nature. So there we go why some of us won’t attempt to be truthful. Despite the warped suggestion that it’s hypocrisy to try upholding truth, it is still the moral thing to do.

Without pretense, guile, and double talk, we effectively reign over our personal lives. We keep our credibility while we face our problems with dignity. We purge our soul of some of the corruption which ails our world. =0=

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