Patrick Swayze’s lung infection clears


I feel so happy for American actor Patrick Swayze who has weathered a bout of pneumonia which required him to stay in the hospital. He says he is on his way to recovery and is determined to keep his health. A victim of metastatic pancreatic cancer, the brave actor hangs in a balance as he battles the effects of disease and treatment, the subject of a prime-time incisive emotionally-charged interview with Barbara Walters.

At 56 years old, Patrick has more to accomplish in the face of his illness. As the possibility of death hovers, his will to live remains high—something all of us should admire and derive inspiration from. From all over the world, Patrick has a lot of support and outpouring of love from those who care. His prognosis for a long survival isn’t good. As cancer wastes away his body, he stars in “The Beast,” an A&E television drama which starts in January 15, 2009.

Patrick’s situation isn’t unfamiliar. Having been treated with chemotherapy and having survived at least five (5) bouts of pneumonia, I can sympathize with what he has gone through. It is a tough position to be— especially if the pneumonia impairs breathing or if it augurs the advance of the tumor. I’m humbled to see him frankly share his lethal illness for the world to see.

Everyday is precious. Those fighting malignancies know. Being alive on borrowed time unencumbered by lung infection and unpestered by fear is a gift beyond what words can describe. (Photo Credit: Michael Muller/ AP )=0=


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