please, sun


bring me your light
that shimmered on the wings
of yellow moths
i scurried after as a child
and cast shadows that carried no forebodings
and saw me traipsing reckless on a footbridge
at midstream
my smile up to my ears
like a slice of watermelon
as the floodwaters raged below me
tailing a hurricane.
dissolve this iceberg moored in my soul
that breathes a deadly chill
into the core of my bones
and makes me shiver like an old dog
caught in an out-of-season rain.
please, sun, touch me with your luster,
irradiate me with your glow,
electrify me with your hell-fire,
turn up your heat
set me aflame
for i’m a lightless creature prowling the land
and leaving bits and shreds of my self
across an endless route
that strays into abandoned buildings,
digresses into alleyways,
rushes toward lighted fields,
confusing you with floodlights,
and stumbles into places
warmed by a quiet drone of voices –
trying to find you.


barbara barquez ricafrente, monologues and other poems

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