Promises from Obama’s speech to Congress


With his ambitious assurances that he’ll lead the country to a brighter future, Pres. Barack Obama delivers his speech to the joint session of Congress, the first in his month-old administration, saying that more money will still be required to take care of the worsening banking crisis. He went on to discuss his budget priorities to be spent on energy, healthcare, and education.

In an optimistic tone, in spite of the faltering economy, Obama said, “Tonight, I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.’ “—Yahoo News/ AP (02/24/09, Loven, J)

It sounds good.

Responding to Obama’s speech, the Republican minority through Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana reiterates the party’s cooperation with the administration, but it believes the $787 billion stimulus package passed by the democratic majority is excessive, wasteful, and irresponsible. This is a massive amount which will be taken from taxpayers’ money. The government hasn’t shown any slowing on its extravagant spendng which hurt the common person in the main street.

The reaction of the public is mixed. Many may have been consoled by Obama’s assurances which they badly want to hear, but there are lingering doubts on whether the stimulus package will work. The majority expects it will —although there’s no convincing indication that this is true.

Consumer confidence is down. Persistently, many ask how one can spend his way out of the recession without compromising the finances of the next generation. There is distrust in the way the government spends public money. But almost everyone wants to believe things will be better, the world brighter, after Obama’s address. (Photo Credit: Iwriteplays)=0=

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