Robot fish in London Aquarium


It took three years for scientists from Essex University to make a new version of robotic fish which is now on display in a tank in London Aquarium. The carp-like contraption with improved artificial intelligence swims with the aid of self-moving sensors and controls, bringing delight to visitors.

“This work has many real-world applications, including seabed exploration, detecting leaks in oil pipelines, mine countermeasures, and improving the performance of underwater vehicles,”
project leader Huosheng Hu told the Associated Press. —

Propelled by battery which lasts about 5 hours, the fish is 50 x 15 x 12 cm. and comes with an undulating body and shiny scales. Three of the mechanical fish, supposed to be the smartest and most lifelike, will live with real ones. A competition is set for children to give them their names.(Photo Credit: Adrian and Sarah x 2) =0=


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