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Holiday Photos from UP Ibalon & Friends Part II

January 7, 2009

The Nideas and Enojados

The cold new year’s eve did not deter Atty. Allen Nidea and better-half Joji to visit Drs. Augusto & Marietta Mesia in Queens, New York. Together with elder sister Lena Nidea, the duo brought delicious native cuisine plus bosom friends Dr. Renato Enojado, his wife the former Ms. Susie Azur (who proved to be a good cook as well,) and their two children.

The clock ticked fast for the bright ball and confettis of Times Square, Manhattan to fall right on the TV screen. Sans firecrackers, the group enjoyed the season’s blessed food, a bottle of champagne, some singing, and laughter to usher in the hope and joy of the new year.



Ona Vigil of Davao City

From the far Southern Philippine city of Davao, Ibalonian Ona Vigil sent her happy thoughts and hopeful wishes for all fellow Ibalonians. She had this beautiful photo of herself and her grown-up smart children—Apol, Guia and Paula. Happy New Year, Ona and the kids!


Ms. Emelyn Poloyapoy

Unforgettable Miss Emelyn Poloyapoy, grade school teacher of many from Naga Parochial School (NPS) sent her Christmas and New Year cheers from Warren, Michigan where she spent the holidays. She’ll come to New York when the weather is better to be with sister Eden Chamberlain in Poughkeepsie, NY before she flies for her scheduled vacation in the Philippines.


Vince and Christine Martin

From Alfaretta, Georgia, Vince & Christine Martin with children Lauryn and Vince Sylvanus warmly greeted us this holiday season. Their nephew, Noah, the son of Matt and JoMarie Cannady of North Carolina donned the Santa get-up for the holiday fun.


AdenU-CSIHS’73 Encuentro in California and Naga City

During the holidays, Emy, Tinn, Marilen, Gene, Sammy and Dick made the Ateneo-Colegio de Sta Isabel HS’73 (Aden-CSI HS’73) alive again. A mini-reunion during Atty. D. Perez’ visit in the West coast had them meeting at Tequila Jacks, Long Beach, California before Christmas. It was just right to set aside the nostalgia of yesteryears and savor the warm company of old friends.

In September 2008, the grand reunion held in Naga City had been a flashpoint of fond recollections for the boys and girls of ’73 who came in blue to strengthen bonds, share memories, and re-ignite old friendships. Lovely CSI dames like Mary Ann Pelagio-Sayoc, Maricar Imperial, Marive Roco, Lillian Ragragio-Bolivar, Ofie Altarejos, and Girlie Badiola belted songs which made everyone feel it was springtime all over again.


Dr. Wing Chu and Gloria Rada

From Demarest, New Jersey, Wing Chu, M.D. and wife Gloria of the Moderna Bakery fame of Naga brings us their warm cheers and best wishes for the Christmas season. An accomplished opthalmologist in New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Wing, with Gloria’s TLC (tender loving care) are busy reaching many corners of the planet including beautiful Naga City and Quezon Province where they visit their kins and friends.


The coming and going of Ibalon friends

November 13, 2008


Lena Nidea, an amiable retired mentor in New York is in town from an extended vacation in Naga City. A long-time friend of UP Ibalon, Lena is sister to Atty. Allen Nidea, a law graduate from the State University of the Paglaom fame, now based in New York City.

Dr. Elna Chia-Nidea, their sister, is an accomplished OB-Gyn physician in Mother Seton Hospital like Ibalon’s Dr. Eden Borja-Fernando and Dr. Annelee Badiola-Lojo of Manila Doctor’s Hospital. With bubbly wife Joji and their pretty daughter who’s in junior high, Allen and the rest of the family call Woodside, Queens their home.


In a small happy pre-Thankgiving gathering, they were guests of Dr. Marietta Mesia in Astoria on Saturday, Novermber 8, 2008. With the Nideas were Ron Nagel of Florida and lovely wife Agnes Bolo-Flores who hails from Baao and Libmanan, Camarines, Sur. The group enjoyed a memorable afternoon of relaxed togetherness spiced with scrumptious Filipino food, wine, and merry songs which sparked nostalgia with the help of familiar tunes from the rowdy piano.


Originally from Calabanga, Camarines Sur, Ronnie Sargento went to the Big Apple to represent his office, the Department of Energy (DOE) in Manila. On Novermber 11, 2008, in a whirlwind trip from California to New York to Connecticut and back, we met Ronnie late evening in his hotel close to La Guardia Airport. He took the morning plane the next day for Los Angeles before going back to Manila on Friday.

The smart engineer assessed a US waste-disposal system proposal that might benefit Manila. An officemate of another Ibalon buddy, Art Torralba, Jr, he headed back to his family in Pandacan, Manila in time for next week’s echo of what he accomplished.


Fresh from their tour in Egypt, bosom buddy and Ibalon friend Dr. Renato M. Oracion and dazzling wife Megs sent interesting pictures of the wonderful Giza pyramids. In their recent adventure they rode the fabulous camel wearing in part an Egyptian garb to feel the wind and explore the mysterious sand dunes of royalties which never failed to lure enthralled visitors who return to the historic ancient land and marvel the astonishing sights. We had been too glad to know the duo walked the path of Rameses II and the last replendant heroes of the lore of Kings.

The pharaohs must be solicitous to have them take a much-needed R & R away from their hectic dermatology practice in Odessa, Texas. The adorable couple needs their long over-due visit to the Big Apple as much as their esteemed parents Mr. and Mrs. Lossiete and Celi Oracion who keep residences in California and Fairview, Quezon City.


UP Ibalon friend Dr. Mayang Kho, an OB-Gyn who has retired from her US medical practice goes back to take a much needed vacation in her native Dumaguete City after a brief stay at the Empire State.

The scintillating doctor from UP with a heart of gold was with her down-to-earth benign sister Martha who works in Goldwater Hospital in Roosevelt Island. We were together to share an evening— a memorable despedida in an elegant resto in Manhattan. Mayang! May you have a lot of fun, sun, and tan—the best the Visayan treasure islands can give before we see you again! We miss you!


We eagerly wait for Miss Emelyn Poloyapoy, the popular Naga Parochial School (NPS) grade school mentor who is yet to visit us from Michigan.

She is an iconic gem, a repository and living symbol of exquisite memories of great Naga teachers—the likes of Beatriz Calleja, Lorraine Lahora, Nena Estrada, Mia Espinas, Julia Olin, Patria Alberto, Benilda Barrosa, Aurelia Reyes, Remedios Arejola, Carmen Ojeda, Juan Badong, the 5th, and Msgr. Nicanor C. Belleza.

The zesty Madam Inday is happy to celebrate this year’s Penafrancia fiesta away from New Jersey; the last time we were together was during the annual September celebration two years ago. She lives with doting sister Eden P. Chamberlain in Poughkeepsie, NY in a quiet locale where the autumn trees stand tall and grand.


Jun and Mahal Serra-Gotico of Stockton, California send handsome pictures of their daughters Neneng and Maria Teresa who celebrated their Halloween with adorable childlike gusto. Mahal, a UP graduate from Naga City sends her warm hello to her Ibalon friends. =0=