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Go dream and get an education

March 4, 2009

David Michael Bautista, known to the wrestling world as Batista has a good advice to Filipinos: Go dream and get an education. The message comes from the four-time world heavy weight wrestling champion who comes to Manila to promote the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which can be viewed in a local cable Jack TV.

Taking advantage of his popularity, the 6 feet 6 inches, 290 lbs. American wrestler of mixed Filipino and Greek parentage, shares some facets of his life to bring inspiration to young kids and his wrestling fans. Having lived a hard life in tough neighborhoods in USA before he grabbed a place in the sports limelight, 40 year-old Batista preaches the necessity of getting a good education—something he regretted not pursuing, but want others to have including his two children. (Photo Credit: Britt601)=0=