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Are ZTE Equipment Lemons?

November 29, 2008

In the again-failed impeachment attempt, one of the proffered evidence was former Speaker Joe de Venecia’s revelations regarding the aborted NBN-ZTE deal(NBN means National Broadband Network; a network that will connect all government facilities through the Net). With the impeachment attempt’s failure my attention was caught why ZTE was the chosen supplier.

I have using two ZTE equipment, my wireless (landline) phone and my Internet modem. I had my DSL modem changed last week after I complained to my ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is Bayantel. For the last month or so I have been suffering from frequent interruption of Net connections and difficulty in accessing my ISP. Some of my work is lost when I press the ‘Send’ button without checking if the connection is active. Also, it is frustrating to always see the message ‘This website is not available’.

A guy came, a contractor for Bayantel. As an outside contractor it seems he is freer to speak up. Told me, “Palitan natin ang modem” (Let’s change the modem.) Good that I asked what is the problem with my modem. Turned out that the ZTE modem is a lemon and they are inundated with complaints and just to avoid the hassle of servicing they just change the unit.

I am now using an old modem which is not ZTE and it is working just fine. The lesson I want to share is that not all modems are created equal. That what the guy told me. “Patakbuhin, sir,” (It’s a lemon), he told me. So if you are not satisfied with your Internet connection maybe it is time to have your modem checked.

I have also a ZTE wireless phone, the tabletop model. My experience? After three weeks I can’t use the scroll function so I can’t access a lot of functions. The customer service representative told me, “You can’t press the scroll key too hard with a ZTE unit. We’ve got lots of problems with it”. I turned it in for servicing which took one month.

I know from use that my ZTE wireless phone is a weak unit and possibly another lemon. It does not have the sturdiness in construction like the landline units of Globe, PLDT and Bayantel or like the ATT Bell phones. It even feels too light.

Its battery charge lasts barely a day. I expect the time will come when I can no longer use it unless it is permanently plugged to an electric socket like an old laptop whose battery has ran down.

So if the broadband deal was not aborted, probably we would have been swamped with ZTE equipments that needs servicing and replacement now and then.

So it seems it is the reason why that deal needs a lot of “tongpats”.