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Unveiling of in Naga City

August 15, 2008

The UP Ibalon Bicol headed by Butch Robredo met at Bob Marlin’s in Naga City, Philippines on August 8, 2008 to unveil its improved, user-friendly site: developed by Dr. Andy Gimpaya.

The attendees were: Butch Robredo, Ann Mariano, Waying Manlañgit-Tam, Sieg Borromeo-Bulaong and husband, Dulce Bernardo-Dionisio, Alaine Alberto-Fornoles, Jun Olin, Totoy Badiola, Dan Daz, May Velasco-Yorobe, and Andy Gimpaya.

Here are Dan Daz’ photos of the event:

Dr. Andy Gimpaya presents, the UP Ibalon Web Community’s flagship in the Web. is a full-feature Web 2.0 site and shall also host as sub-domains the UPCAT Resources Site and the UPCAT Support Forum. Special domain shall also be donated to the mother organization in UP Diliman and to members who request their own sub-domain. This blog site (UP Ibalon Bicol) shall remain in its own domain,

The photo may also be viewed and downloaded in the link below:
http://groups. group/upibalonbicol/spnew

Blogging tip: Spruce up your blog with picture collage

March 29, 2008

[This article, I believe, tackles general interest topic so I lifted it from my personal blog.]

Picasa is a light-weight graphic application that Google offers as a free download. Picture collage creation is one of its coolest features.

How do we produce these effects? Incredibly easy. Moments after you install Picasa, it will find all the pictures, and some supported video files too, in your hard drives and immediate network, including long lost pictures whose locations you have lost track of long ago. The pictures shall be organized in folders for your effortless access. In Picasa’s application interface, CTRL + select the pictures you like to include then click Picture Collage from Picasa’s Create menu. You will immediately see the preview of your collage. When satisfied with your creation, save the composite picture as graphic file.

You may select from any of the four options for your final collage output: picture pile, picture grid, contact sheet and multi-exposure. You may choose white, gray or black for background color of your collage, or you may set the farthest picture as your background graphic.

Download your free Picasa here to explore its other features. Very soon you will start posting professional-looking graphics to spruce up your blog.

Centers of Commerce in Albay Still Inundated – Photos by Dan Daz

March 13, 2008

Wet or flooded highway to and from Legaspi City

Somewhere in Culiat, Daraga Albay

Typical house in the midst of flooded areas

Right in the heart of Legaspi City – Peñaranda Corner Lakandula Sts.

Bicol University Campus

New Interface of our Web Site

March 12, 2008

You have to bear with us. We like to put our blog in order, so we we have to make revisions and some posts for maintenance purposes. We also have to change our previous interface to add flexibility and more functionalities. Some readers have in fact expressed appreciation for the previous look and feel. But sadly it has to go.

But this one is better from technical, and hopefully, aesthetic, point of view. What do you say?

My high school batchmates got enamored with the previous theme that they like it for our blog. Click here to check.They are yet to see this one. Hopefully, we shall stick with this for quite a while.

US-based Bicolana Gears Up to Augment Aid to Albay Typhoon Victims

March 8, 2008

After Typhoons Reming and Milenyo in 2006, Albay province got stuck in continuing calamity. Photos by Dan Daz we posted earlier in this blog show just the lighter side, almost artistic side, of the devastation. We know that the count of victims continue to rise because even with just heavy rains, minus the typhoon, thousands continue to be mass-evacuated in seemingly regular basis. And there is no end to miseries in sight. From America, Divinia Nolasco Ries, who hails from Guinobatan, Albay, sent this encouraging e-mail:

Hello to the new ones, the young ones, and the young once!!
Hey Mickey, this is Vines (Nolasco-Ries) from Indiana, Ibalon batch 73. Pls give my best to Mac Pavia.

I have a favor to ask. I raised a small amount of money for Albay’s typhoon victims through our local Michiana Fil-Am Assoc (FAAM) dito sa Northern Indiana. I was thinking of raising more money to help build toilets sa areas na nagrabe ng typhoon but I got busy. For now, could you, Mac Pavia and Edna give me an idea kung ano ang most important need relating to the typhoon damages. Start with a small project.


Calling on Mighty, Mac Pavia, and Edna.

(Photo by Dan Daz)

Blog Admin

New Look and Feel for Our Website – Check in Now

March 7, 2008

Tell us what you think. We are open to suggestions on how to improve our weblog. As blog admin, I am still open to volunteers who can co-administer this site and improve it some more Calling on everybody who knows his HTML or XML or Java. We do not like UP Ibalon to get shortchanged as far as what the Web has to offer right now.

At the moment, I am giving some efforts towards form, leaving the content or substance aspect to Totie and May. We will continue to explore look and feel options that will give justice to your posts, fellows! And we will keep on trying a bit of everything until everybody includes himself in our talent pool of authors.

Can everybody do a check in post even just once. Come on.

From e-group moderator/blog admin

March 5, 2008

We acknowledge the following members who registered to the UP Ibalon Bicol e-group in the last 7 days:

ImeldaTresvalles- Cabanes
Gods Lanuza
Annelee Badiola-Lojo
Stephen Acabado
Bingbing Badiola-Bretan
Rose Bernardo Nayve

Again, we welcome you all and we appreciate your response. (Balot, I have posted the invitation to Mhel Galvante-Magpantay. Please follow up).


To all:
We have been researching, exploring the possibility of merging the 2 existing alumni e-groups because we believe in one communication channel for all UP Ibalon alumni. In fact we believe in one strong UP Ibalon alumni association, to include even those non-regulars who consider themselves UP Ibalon alumni. Every single UP alumnus is too valuable to ignore. The latest word from Yahoo! is that merging 2 Yahoo! groups is just not possible. So meanwhile, we can offer the UP Ibalon Bicol weblog as a medium of communication common to all. We put in the sidebar all the links we can find to web sites that have UP Ibalon content. Anyone may also subscribe to our RSS feeds. From our long-term discussions, maybe we can arrive at a consensus on what to do on issues that affect us and where the UP Ibalon should go.

After that Feb. 02 2008 alumni reunion, our effort to establish immediate Web presence, through weblog and e-group, was a rapid response to concerns that the reunion could be another hello-goodbye affair, a perennial complaint I was told. (This author has been inactive in UP Ibalon affairs for so many years and has not been updated on several issues). Personally, I do not see it as trying to put up another alumni association. We simply liked to extract the most long-term benefits for the alumni out of Eden’s expenses.

Now, we are moving. And who knows what great things we can do, considering that our membership cover a wide range of professions and areas of businesses.

Everybody, please speak up and keep discussions flowing!

Featuring: Aguirangan Island

March 2, 2008

Time to relax our mind. Join us in a boat trip to Aguirangan Island, one of the hidden treasures of the Bicol Region. The video below was taken last Oct 2007 during the homecoming of Boy Remo, one of the early members of the UP Ibalon and now based in America. So this presentation features Boy Remo, his wife Rebecca, some of our high school batchmates at Ateneo de Naga, the Aguirangan island off the coast of Parubcan, Camarines Sur, and the sunset view from the Partido side of Mount Isarog.

Enjoy the trip to the sounds of the ’70s from Burt Bacharach and Seals and Crofts, which hopefully are off-patent or off-copyright by now.

RSS Feeds Now Available from this Weblog

March 2, 2008

You may now incorporate in your own websites RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from this weblog. Contact us for instructions if you are interested. Here is our feed url:

We do not like empty spaces in our blog pages so we stuff the sidebar with RRS feeds from the locals like the Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN News, GMA News, Philippine Commentaries, Buy n Sell Philippines, and the biggies of world news like Associated Press, Reuters, CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera. The sidebar also includes a preview of our own RSS Feeds as they appear to subscribers.

Blog Admin

Video Compilation

February 29, 2008

Click here to open in large window.