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Bombo Radyo Legazpi conducts Blood letting

November 25, 2008

Bombo Radyo Legazpi conducted its’ 4th yearly bloodletting activity named “ Dugong Bombo, A little pain . . . a life to gain.” at the 3rd floor of the Pacific Mall in Legazpi City last Saturday, November 8, 2008. The daylong activity which netted around 130 qualified donors is part of the 6th Bombo Radyo’s simultaneous bloodletting activity in 24 key cities nationwide in honor of the birthday of Bombo Radyo Philippines’ President/ CEO Dr. Rogelio M. Florete.

The bloodletting which was in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) was led by Bombo Radyo Legazpi Station Manager Jun Derla who were joined by practically all his staff which includes popular anchors Nelson Bulalacao, Nilda Barcelo and Mr. Siramity- Joshua Martinez, Jr. who was seen donating blood. Aside from the PNRC, other partners include the Department of Health (DOH), Provincial Health Office, City Health Office and a number of volunteers. Among the sponsors were Albay Gov. Joey Salceda and 1st Colonial Grill of Mr. Bong Aspe who donated packed lunches.

The blood donors include men and officers from the Philippine Army, the Philippine National Police, reservists, Philippine Guardians, Kabalikat Civicom, the Albay Medical Society and the general public who were in queue at the Pacific Mall entrance even before the mall opening. All Dugong Bombo blood donors were given “Dugong Bombo” T-shirts, fluid replacements, snacks and multi-vitamins, courtesy of the national and local sponsors.

Nationwide, the bloodletting activity totaled 5,123 successful blood donors generating 2,323 liters or 11.6 drums of blood. Bombo Radyo Philippines has been cited and awarded several times by the Philippine National Red Cross for their one of a kind blood donation program which exceeded their record last year. Bombo Radyo Philippines pays tribute to the countless donors including those who did not qualify to ensure the nation’s blood supply requirements which are critically needed during calamities and dengue outbreaks and during November and December when blood is usually in short supply.