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Tiya Dely: giving away advices like lollipops and candies

September 1, 2008

If a name could mirror one’s life and vocation, it might apply to Fidela “Tiya Dely” Magpayo. A popular broadcast personality in Manila, she dispensed advices (payo) to radio listeners as if she gave away lollipops and candies. She was known as a commentator, dramatist, on-the-air counselor, singer, and patron of Filipino music. The public admired her as a familiar consoling voice in the airwaves.

Many radio listeners with diverse dilemmas, running from personal to political, came to Tiya Dely for a piece of her mind, alleviating their insecurity, brushing aside distress, giving them common sense suggestions to approach life’s mundane challenges.

Stricken with massive cerebral bleed, Tiya Dely, the soft-hearted grand dame of local radio who dispensed public information and popularized Filipino music, quietly died at the age of 87 at the Manila Doctors Hospital on September 1, 2008.

The DzRh broadcaster with a long professional career spanning 6 decades had a big heart and ear for people with problems. Leaving a legacy of compassion and public service, she had been an epitome of a simple life made larger as an aunt, a mother, a sister, a wife, and a friend who was always willing to listen.

So long Tiya Dely! May God shower you with the love you gave away when you were with us!