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Disgruntled "Santa Claus" goes on a massacre spree

December 26, 2008

Santa Claus did not come to cheer the family in Covina, California on the eve of Christmas. Instead, Bruce Pardo, a 45-year old recent divorcee with marital problems personified a costumed Santa Claus visiting with incendiary device and weapons concealed in a Christmas gift. The angry man gunned down an 8-year old girl who opened the door of his former wife’s home. The bloody shooting was intended as revenge against his ex and her parents.

The event which followed became a gruesome killing spree, causing the deaths of at least 9 people including his former wife. Some party-goers sustained injuries and were brought to the hospital. Before Pardo left, he set the house on fire leaving charred bodies on the scene.

Coming out of his red Santa Claus garb, Pardo drove away. He was later found dead with a single self-inflicted gunshot wound in his brother’s home in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles, CA on Christmas day, 25 miles away from the crime scene.

Such tragedy must not be the message of Christmas, but an incident of such brutality and senselessness happens. Marital and family problems need not end in this manner. It makes us ponder of the dark soul that ails some people today. (Photo Credit: AP/ Covina Police Department; blue_fam) =0=