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Buhi-Malinao road ushers in more commerce for Bicol

February 27, 2009

Linking communication is the most obvious benefit of having a road between towns and villages. Alternative routes of trade and commerce are made easy. These are expected in the recent completion of the 35 kilometer road (about half of 66 kilometer highway) which connects the 2nd and 4th districts of Camarines Sur to that of 1st district of Albay.

Leading to the port area of Tabaco, Albay, the highway makes it easier to reach Catanduanes Island in Bicol. Travel from Manila will be shorter than before.

The new road starts from Hanawan Ocampo, Camarines Sur onwards to Barangay Burokbusoc and Sagrada in Buhi, Camarines Sur, reaching up to Malinao, Albay. It is heralded as an accomplishment by LV Castaneda of the Department of Public Highways, (DPH.)

But Buhinon Jesus Valenciano (in a letter to Bicol Mail’s editor,) writes to question the integrity of the road. He fears that the “all-weather road” in some sections need cementing or asphalting. He says, without good maintenance, this road can easily fall into disrepair. —-Bicol Mail (02/19/09; 02/26/09) (Photo Credit: =0=


Fajardo Estate Land Dispute: A happy ending for the Banasi Farmers who marched to Malacanang

December 26, 2008

The fifty-seven (57) farmers from the Fajardo Estate in Bicol who walked for 17 days to Malacanang Palace to plead their case finally got their wish. The tillers of the 123-hectare land in Banasi, Bula, Camarines Sur had the order of Sec. Eduardo Ermita canceling their land titles recinded on December 19, 2008. The happy farmers now have the right to use the land, ending 35 years of round-about with the law.

“This is the happiest Christmas of my life. We have already sacrificed a lot and we hope that with the decision of DAR we could finally rest our case and experience security in the lands that we till,” said Jess Bergantin, president of the Banasi Agrarian Reform Farmer-Beneficiaries Association (BARFA) who were among those who walked the 444-kilometer stretch from Camarines Sur to Manila.. “—Bicol Mail (12/ 25/08, Escandor, J, Jr)

According to Atty Arlene Bag-ao, one of the supporters of the farmers, the march to Malacanang could have been avoided if the case was handled as is—-a simple legal issue that favors the agriculture workers to own the disputed land. Some of the farmers said they walked to Manila because a known Malacanang insider, Atty Manny Gaite with family ties with the Fajardos, worked against their favor by helping void their land title.

“Elaine Teope, campaign coordinator of BARFA, revealed that among those who drafted the order that cancelled the Certificate of Land Ownership Awards (Cloas) of the farmers-beneficiaries was Lawyer Manny Gaite, the guy from the Office of the President who figured in the Senate hearing regarding the P500,000 distributed to local government executives early this year. “—Bicol Mail (12/ 25/08, Escandor, J, Jr)

The success of the Banasi farmers signals the growing awareness and activism of many agricultural workers in the Philippines. With problems delaying the full implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP,) more land decisions by the government are likely to be contested by farmers and their militant supporters. (Photo Credits: Pakisamagallery) =0=

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Roadblocks for Bicol Farmers to Malacanang?

December 3, 2008

The farmers of Banasi Farm of Bula, Bula Camarines Sur has reached Manila on Tuesday, December 2, 2008. However, they were blocked on at least two occasions, one on their way to the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) office and then near Nagtahan Bridge where they met with palace representatives, interrupting their 444 kilometer walk to Malacanang.—GMANewsT TV (12/-3/08)

The Bicol farmers weren’t impressed by Malacanang’s response to their demand. They asked President Gloria Macapagal to see for herself the land in question to better understand their plight.

The story is a good study on how the government treats the poor farmers from the provinces compared the wealthy and influential who have connections and are concentrated in Manila. Demand marches like these which are supported by groups with socialistic orientation including the Catholic Church are expected as a result of the delay and limitations of CARP implementation, the apparent inquities levelled on the poor, and the growing politicalization of farmers in the a climate of economic hardship and emerging global economy. Photo Credit: Pakisamagallery) =0=

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