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RP’s Toughest Outdoor Adventure Race held in Sto. Domingo, Albay

November 25, 2008

Carrera Habagat 2008

Carrera Habagat 2008 Champion Team Mulatto Davao composed of Paulo Dino Ouano, Keith James Argones, Jeffer Jatico, Cherryl Araneta and support crew Marjun Balaite and Charlito Esparar receive their trophy, medals and cash prize of P100,000 during the awarding ceremony at the Black Sands Beach Resort in Sto. Domingo, Albay last November 15, 2008. Also in photo are Event Director Randy Su, Mr. Nico Delos Angeles and Vice-Mayor Edna Banda.

Carrera Habagat Adventure Race organized by Summit Outdoor Equipment and Services, Inc. is widely considered as the Philippine’s toughest outdoor adventure race participated in by the country’s toughest outdoor enthusiasts, most of whom are tri-athletes with international race experiences. The organization is a firm advocate of environmental awareness and protection as well as respect for people and local cultures. Most notable past participants of this race were the Philippine Mt. Everest Team and Team Santorini, the 2001 winners who competed in the 2001 Eco Challenge in New Zealand. For this year’s 8th edition, the race dubbed “Isang Linggo sa Sto. Domingo” was held from November 12-16, 2008 in Sto. Domingo, Albay, a coastal community that faces the Pacific Ocean in the east and Mt. Mayon Volcano in the northwest. It was the first time that this race was held outside the Visayas-Mindanao area and the first time in Luzon and Albay.

A total of eleven teams, 4 from Manila; Cebu (2); Leyte (2); Davao (1); Iligan (1) and Sto Domingo, Albay (1) composed of 4 racers (one of whom must be of the opposite sex) and 2 support crew per team, participated in this extreme adventure 4 day non-stop race that combined trekking, biking, swimming, paddling and rappelling. The 11 teams started out in Sto. Domingo proper and went through 20 Control Points (CP) or destinations in sequence provided only with the coordinates of the CP’s and armed with their multi-disciplinary skills, navigational skills and the right team dynamics. The route took the participants from Sto. Domingo where they got their passports after climbing a palo sebo to Camp 1 Mayon, Centennial Park, Alimsog, Starship Café, Tabaco, San Miguel Island, San Antonio School in Cagraray Island, Maninipot Shoreline, Barangay Misibis, Sula Port, Mt. Cabugcay, Malilipot Port, Bagacay Church, Pili Pier, Namantao Island, Buhatan, Sula Port and finally to the Black Sands Beach Resort in Sto. Domingo. The team’s support crews were only allowed to provide and replenish the team racers’ supplies at 4 designated points.

During the first day of the race, Team Merrel took the early lead at Control Point 7 at 21:07 followed by Blood Red Cebu, Team Mulatto and Team Iligan Pride at CP 6. AFP Power Trekkers and Sto. Domingo were slapped 4 hours penalty for bypassing a control point. Slowly but surely, Team Mulatto took over the lead which they retained until the end finishing the race in barely two days with the team members getting only 17 minutes of sleep. Team Merrel finished second while Team Iligan Pride was third. Two teams out of the 11 were not able to finish while Team Sto. Domingo, a neophyte finished a respectable 8th place.

For their efforts, Team Mulatto Davao proved that they’ve got what it takes and retained their title. They are the first team to emerge as back to back Champions aside from winning P100,000; trophy, medals, certificates, gift packs and the bragging rights of being the best in a grueling race that tests the limits of human endurance. Team Merrel wound up second and won P60,000 among other things while Team Iligan Pride who placed third won P40,000.

Mr. Nico Delos Angeles made the initial overtures to bring the race in Sto. Domingo, Albay which was adopted by the Municipal Government of Sto. Domingo led by Mayor Celso Delos Angeles, Jr. who doubled the prize money and provided the Black Sands Beach resort as the race headquarters. In his message, Mayor Celso Delos Angeles said, “The holding of the yearly ultimate Philippine adventure race and the gathering of outdoor enthusiasts, from the fresh breeds of backpackers to the hardcore mountaineers, in this part of the country is very timely and significant as the Municipal Government under the present dispensation, in coordination with concerned government agencies and other stake holders, is doing its best to put Sto. Domingo, Albay in its rightful place in the global tourism map”.

Mr. Randy Su- Event Director on the other hand admitted during the closing ceremony, “I was apprehensive that the Carrera Habagat will be held outside our comfort zone which is the Visayas Mindanao area. I became more hesitant when I learned that it will be held in a little known town in the Bicol region. But when I saw the place, I knew it was the perfect venue.”

The race participants on the other hand were euphoric and have only kind words for the hosts. “Sa lahat ng editions ng Carrera Habagat, ito ang pinakabongga! May hot shower pa.” Aside from the excellent food, the spacious rooms and luxurious amenities provided, the participants experienced first-hand the breathtaking sceneries of Sto. Domingo and the neighboring towns as well as the first-class hospitality and good nature of the people of Albay.

Big Mike Falls Sick: Bad Omen

November 24, 2008

Sportsman Big Mike recently fell ill while accompanying his wife on an official mission to Peru. The plane had to be diverted to Tokyo to unload Big Mike, causing Madame Gloria to miss the opening ceremonies of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). Anyway, Madame Gloria got a consolation in the form of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice’s consuelo de bobo : “You are US’ best friend”. I do not know if this is an assurance that the US will not back any moves to oust Madame Gloria. I also do not know if this is an indirect message to those pushing the impeachment case as in, “Back off!” Is this an endorsement for “Cha-cha” (Charter change) so that Madame Gloria will have the chance to stay beyond 2010?

But anyway, these are all empty gestures by now. In two months time, Bush jr. and Rice will be out of office (no “Cha-cha” in the US; they do not dance that “tune”). So I do not know if the meal served to Madame Gloria was “siopao bola-bola“.

But the Chinese will say that in feng shui that incident falling ill denotes bad luck is coming for the GMA (Gloria and Mike Arroyo) administration. This is what they said when then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher fell off the stairs after a testy meeting with Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping. Immediately, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index fell. The Chinese thought that incident meant Britain will soon bite the dust.

In Asian warfare, great importance is placed on the defection of former top lieutenants. In the West, a defector only has tactical value in the sense that some sensitive information can be gleaned. To Asians, it is more than loss of face or loss of legitimacy. The desertion of top lieutenants also signify that a dynasty is coming to an end. Good that JDV and FVR are not crying plots of assassination like the Bolantic Joke-Joke.

Does the failed Moscow caper of the “Euro generals” foretell the crumbling of one of the GMA administration’s pillars?

“It was only diarrhea”. It seems some system purging is coming.