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Octuplet mom mulls on what lies ahead for her babies

February 6, 2009

Nadya Suleman, the unmarried woman who had 6 children born through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) prior to having a set of premature octuplets, also by IVF, had been getting extra attention. People couldn’t help but be curious of what was going on for the 33-year old mother who had been the most talked about parturient on earth.

With no means to support 14 children, Nadya had a fertility doctor sustain her “obsession” of having 8 babies in one pregnancy—far more than what had been considered permissible in the practice of assisted pregnancy and multiple births. According to Nadya, her desire to have many children arose from her “loneliness” of being an only child. She admitted having to battle bouts of depression.

Nadya shares a modest three-bedroom home in California owned by her mother and father who are experiencing financial difficulty. Last year, the parents applied for bankruptcy. Nadya was on disability when she gave birth to her first 6 children. Having suffered back injuries while working in a psychiatric facility, she was awarded benefits for a handicap—- $165,000 between 2002 and 2008 as she complained of headaches and vertebral pain.

Now, she is trying to market her story for an undetermined sum—perhaps a book deal, TV appearance, interview, and display of her children. Her supporters and critics are stunned.

Businesses which traditionally give assistance to mothers with unusual multiple births aren’t offering freebies. Many are dismayed by this woman whose psychological health and competency to be a responsible mother is uncertain. Confined in the hospital with her 8 babies, her astounding medical bills are growing.

With her premature octuplets (6 girls and 2 boys,) Nadya and the people around her mull on what lies ahead for her 14 children who are likely to be social charges. They live in California, a state that is in real danger of being bankrupt at this time when the economy isn’t good. (Photo Credit: Aconnel173170)=0=


Moral Challenge: angry gays protest ban of same-sex marriage in California

November 9, 2008

During the election in November 4, 2008, Californians were asked to decide on Proposition 8—a move to reverse the law enacted by the state Supreme Court in May 2008 on the validity of same-sex marriage.

Barack Obama fans and liberal democrats had a big surprise when West Coast’s residents rejected gay marriage (approved Proposition 8) in spite of the secular reputation of California, a bastion of democrat-liberals who generally support gay lifestyle. Two thirds of California’s black voters (66%) who voted for Obama didn’t do so for the lesbians and homosexuals. A record of these gays, 18,000 of them, forged matrimonies in the last 5 months before the election.

By the strength of the ballot, gay marriage prohibition won in California, Florida and Arizona. Only Massachusetts and Connecticut now approve same-sex marriages. On the other hand, New Jersey and New Hampshire only permit civil unions with the same legal rights as marriage.

What ensued was a flurry of gay activists’ angry protests who blamed religion, among others as a cause of their defeat. Despite the expressed will of the people, well-organized and vocal homosexual groups numbering up to 10,000 converged in San Diego on November 8, 2008 to protest.

In Salt Lake, Utah, a group of 2,000 staged a rally against the Church of the Latter Day’s Saints (Mormons) and mainstream Christians who forbid gay marital unions. Five thousand (5,000) gay marriage supporters came to a similar mass action in Los Angeles area.

The passing of Proposition 8 in California is a victory for conservatives. For now, the religious right and those who want to uphold traditional family and moral values have an upper hand. But the radical liberals are fighting back to change the rules and impose alternative lifestyle for society. In spite of the understanding, tolerance, and partner benefits given to gay couples, moves to redefine marriage go on.

The increasingly secular world has made people to ponder on what is right and wrong. An alarming fifty (50%) of traditional marriages end up in divorce in the United States. There are those who think the socio-cultural debacle stirred by the same-sex marriage issue, along with questions on abortion, euthanasia, pornography, illegal drugs, and stem-cell research may indicate the fraying of America’s moral values which signals its decline. Respect for the poor, aged, disabled and children are on the wane.

Contrarians however think gay marriage is a boost to advance modernity and sophistication— an expression of liberation from what others perceive as anachronism and religion’s oppressive hold on the people’s imagination. Quo Vadis, America? Where are you going, World? (Photo Credits:; ncregister; =0=