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Dolphy’s Hindi Ko Ito Narating Na Mag-isa

July 25, 2008

With a bit of seriousness, a pinch of comedy, a dash of love, hope, and forgiveness, Dolphy, RP’s top comedian celebrates his 80th birthday on July 25, 2008 with a dazzling legacy book about his life entitled “Dolphy: Hindi Ko Ito Narating Na Mag-isa” which he dedicates to the Filipino Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs.)

Endearingly funny, self-deprecating, mature, and humble, this is what the apostle of laughter and reconciliation said of his fascinating life-story:

Harinawa’y makapagdulot ng aral ang aking mga pinagdaanan….Kung kayo may nasaktan ko, patawarin niyo ako, at kung kayo ang nagkasala sa aki’y pinatatawad ko na kayo.” ABS-CBN, (07/25/08 Buan-DeVeza,R.)

In spite of his foibles, it must be effortless for tinseltown’s most beloved jester to once again capture the hearts and dreams of many Filipinos worldwide whom he partly credits for his phenomenal success. Unlike his colleagues in TV and movies, Dolphy chooses to entertain people rather than be in the business of politics. The people respect and adore him for sticking to what he does best—make everybody happy.=0=