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Despite ban, 15,000 OFW’s work in Iraq

September 28, 2008

The ban against taking jobs in Iraq has not been heeded by those who seek work even in places that are dangerous. To date the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) reported 15,000 Filipinos had been employed in Iraq in defiance to the 2004 prohibition by DOLE after the abduction and release of truck drive Angelo de la Cruz. Malaya (09/27/08, Naval, G.)

With high paying job offers that they can’t resist for they almost don’t have them in the Philippines, overseas foreign workers (OFW’s) sneak into Iraq from nearby Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Dubai to work, braving the perilous conditions of war.

Embarrassing the government, OFW’s defy orders and brush aside the dangers they put themselves into. In their desperation, they ignore the authorities, making the country’s laws meant to protect them, useless. The labor department has little choice, but to reconsider lifting the ban that lacks teeth and relevance.

On top of it, the country must widen its job pool not only for returning OFW’s, but for those who are forced to look for employment abroad at the expense of being separated from their families. Many jobs offered to Filipinos are menial and those that have few takers. Dependence on other countries for these jobs is dangerous for the future of the nation. =0=