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P263K of bills detain a patient in a Bicol hospital?

August 23, 2008

After weeks of treatment following wounds and fractures sustained in a vehicular accident, injured-patient and cancer-sufferer Elizabeth Evangelio, widow of Ibalonian George Evangelio who died in the road accident last month is allegedly being held by the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTHH) of Albay for nonpayment of bills (P263,000.00)in spite of guarantees made by the bus company involved in the accident. (PhotoCredit: BRTTH after Reming by Bibal, J) Through a text message however, Joshua Evangelio, the son, said his mom’s release from the hospital may be granted next week.

A test case for the law’s implementation, Evangelio’s situation demonstrates the pros and cons of having a legislation which puts innocent citizens and hospitals in hot water over the financial aspects of catastrophic illnesses and injuries. The Philippines passed the Hospital Dentention Law last year. On a medical standpoint which BRTTH probably subscribes to, there’s no benefit keeping a patient longer than necessary especially in so far as finances are concerned. Hospital detention exposes a patient from hospital-borne disease and uses up beds that can be used by other patients. It’s unclear whether this legislation is ever followed or is subject to negotiations in healthcare centers all over the country.

In a separate post, I’ll share with you an article entitled “Hospital Detention Act: Pro-Poor or Anti-Hospital” I wrote which was published last year in New York Filipino Reporter and Bicol Mail in Naga City. I hope it can provide some information about the healthcare problem on which you can frame your opinion and course of action. =0=