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Fashion in Manila

August 24, 2008

Not to be outdone by fashion events in Paris, New York, London, or Tokyo, the Bench Denim and Underwear Fashion Show pushed through in Manila with a rousing display of skin, entrepreneurship, and imagination in July 25, 2008.

Among the models was popular comedienne Ruffa Mae Quinto who appeared in Araneta Coliseum with an underwear that hinted how hot it could be when midnight fell in the city. Her dazzling intimate attire combined rooster’s feathers and miniscule wavy cloth, dazzling the eyes of the audience and driving the crowd’s heart aflutter.

With the incandescent whiteness of an Edison bulb and crisp softness of a halogen light, her smooth alabaster legs were breath-taking as the naughty curves of her butt. Her firm bosom (erect like her lordotic spine,) stood as though the national anthem was played all along.

Celebrities like Alessandra de Rossi, Sam Milby, Diether Ocampo, Rachelle Go, Priscilla Meirelles, Angelica, Panganiban, Sarah Geronimo, John Pratts, Robi Domingo, Kim Chiu, Wendell Ramos, Valerie Weigmann, Gerald Adnerson, Egay Falcon, JC de Vera, Rayven Cruz, Shaine Magdayao, Dingdong Dantes, Margaret Wilson and many others were in attendance. Mabuhay! (Photo Credit: Pep) =0=

Beijing Lingerie Exhibit: Like Marilyn Monroe, the lips make the imagination fly

August 3, 2008

As a symbol, the lip is as powerful as the recent International Lingerie Design Exhibits held in Beijing, China last July 31, 2008. A pretty Japanese model walks off with this huge fiery red lips which seductively hang below the belly button and in between her legs covering the groin.

Anatomists like to call the lips labia (pl.) aka labium (sing.) They appear a shade darker in sartorial splendor, but nonetheless feel soft and supple in situ, juxtaposed with an area called mons veneris (Mound of Venus.) Interestingly, some lips are minor and others are considered major, hence the terms labium majus or labia minoris.

Beautiful lips that smirk don’t generally need collagen injections which enhance the looks of a mouth that pouts. Yet, like Marilyn Monroe, a damsel’s red fiery band of vermillion muscle guarding the buccal stoma make imagination fly like a wayward butterfly. Photo Credit: Reuters =0=