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Jaja Bolivar—A Rising Bicolana Talent of Adobo Nation & Hollywood

April 2, 2009

Nini Ragragio who celebrates her birthday on April 1, 2009, has been a friend and neighbor in Bagumbayan Street, Naga City. (Happy Birthday, LRB!) For more than 35 years, I lost track of her until I learned (to my pleasant surprise) of her smart baby who graduated in UP, many years after I left. Her name is Angela (Jaja) Bolivar, a pretty and talented young Filipina with an earthy brown expressive face and bubbly laughter. She is now a lifestyle magazine TV host for the Adobo Nation. She extends her warm regards to her fans and friends!

With an unbridled passion for life, an artistic bent, and a lot of love to share, Jaja agreed to bring us one of her exciting musings—a glimpse of her experiences before she came to the scintillating world of Hollywood. Apart from her appearances in the Filipino Channel which air worldwide every Sunday at 6:40 PM Pacific Time, Jaja is a dazzling gem to watch on KTSF (USA) and ANC in Manila. A member of UP Harong and friend of UP Ibalon, the glowing warm lady from Bicol who inspires pride can be reached at:

http: //;; Bolivar) Mae Bolivar)

Musings of a lady on her way to Hollywood
by Jaja R. Bolivar

today, i officially signed in with The Talent House SF!

after being represented by talentola in Southern California, i had longed to be represented again by an agency, this time, here in san francisco. and today, my wish came true. i am now with the talent house sf.


it’s really not that easy to get an agency to represent you. first of all, there are lots of talents out there sending out their submissions just so these agencies could give them one bit of a chance to meet with them. secondly, with the numerous faces and talents they come across with, how on earth will you “stand out” such that these agencies would like to get you to be one of their talents?!

entertainment is a hella crazy world. and like what my professors used to say in college, even if you are on tv, “you are only as good as your last show!”. true enough, i’d had a lot of those moments where i am already supposedly a regular of this series and then the next thing i know, they axed me out on the script. i’m not doing the show anymore. but see, it happens all the time to all actors and performers. nobody is exempt from rejections and failures in this industry.

going back to the agent meeting today, the agent asked me what i had been up to. i told her about my tv show and other mainstream stuff i’d been doing in and out of the city. she then asks me to deliver the monologue that i prepared. i chose a comedic monologue from romy and michelle’s high school reunion and i would say, i kinda messed up ‘coz i was nervous. hahahaa! i always get high strung and over-the-top delivering the first few lines (which works to my disadvantage ‘coz casters don’t care. once you’re on, you’re on and there’s no turning back on the material)…

so anyways, she suggests a cold read of this monologue from the movie, as good as it gets. she explains the scenario and asks me to leave the room and study it for a few minutes. after about ten minutes, she gets back to me. i deliver the lines in front of her. and right when i finish the last line of the piece, she goes,

“i would love to represent you.” you definitely have a lot going for you.

that’s it. done deal. love ettt!

so that pretty much made my day today. after that, on my way home at about 3:30 pm, i passed by the marina and marvelled at the private yachts. the weather was charming. i sat in one of those benches and ate my chinese food that had been sitting in the car for two hours.

oh! and i met this man while i was taking pictures of the scenery on my iphone. he said he was from israel. he told me i was beautiful and i thanked him for the compliment. we ended up chatting about his life story. he said he is based in chicago and travels back and forth to cali, france, singapore and all these other countries. he seemed like a busy, well off man. what’s interesting is that he shared his life story to me as if we were this instantaneous friends, hehe. i get that a lot, though. people open up to me easily, maybe because each person simply likes to be heard. it’s great to listen because i get to learn from other people’s stories. people, in general, amaze me. regarding his life, i would say his story is quite out of the ordinary. but then again, whose life isn’t? anyways, after living in the the philippines and being in this industry, nothing shocks me anymore. oh, and of course i asked him what he thought about the israel-gaza war. he said that he used to fight for the israel army and that while he is a peace-loving man, he is undoubtedly in favor of it.

so that’s how my day went.

life’s simple pleasures nourish me. (Photo Credits: J. R. Bolivar) =0=


Slumdog Millionaire wins 8 Oscars

February 23, 2009

On Febrary 22, 2009, the drama movie “Slumdog Millionaire” carted away the most number of recognitions in the Oscars awards—8 winnings including the Best Movie award from the academy.

Held at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre for the 7th year, the glittery event of tinseltown attended by movie stars and celebrities, honored the visibly elated British director Daniel Doyle and the cast of his winning film which included Dev Patel, Freida Pinto and Anil Kapoor, all first-time actor-nominees in the Oscar. Other actors in the movie were children plucked from the dirt-poor slums in Mumbai, India to be among the cast-members brought to Hollywood for the awarding ceremony

Of the 10 nominations the movie dominated the awards by garnering prizes in eight categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song.

During the screening on August 2008 at Telluride Film Festival, Slumdog Millionaire generated interest and appreciation from those who first saw the film. It was well-received by viewers at the Toronto International Film Festival. With popularity rising, on January 2009, the movie was screened nationwide in the United States. According to reports, as of February 18, 2009, the film has raked in a bonanza of $89,316,895 at box office in the North America.

Timely as the reality of the current global economic meltdown, the film depicts the race of impoverished people to win in India’s rags to riches version of “Who wants to be a millionaire.” Though well-acclaimed by movie enthusiasts and scribes, the film has drawn criticisms and protests for propagating the Western stereotype of poverty and the negativities that go with the depiction of slums in a poor country. (Photo Credit: Mirchiaish; AP/ Matt Sayles) =0=