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Filipino hope & optimism

February 1, 2009

If only to prove that Filipinos are among the “happiest” people in the world, the poll by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) conducted last December shows that our kababayans are as optimistic as ever. Despite the gloomy picture of the economy, about 30% of Filipinos expect things will get better in the next 12 months. The positive outlook eases the worry at the time when the country was celebrating the Christmas holiday and the coming new year.

Economic pessimism, meanwhile, remained high in Metro Manila, worsening to -37 from -33. It eased to -21 from -28 in the Balance of Luzon, to -13 from -17 in Mindanao, and -15 from -18 in the Visayas. It eased to -8 from -22 among the class E; to -22 from -30 among the ABC classes; and stayed at -24 among class D, the survey found.—GMATV.News (02/02/09)

The basis of the bright outlook which rose 4% percentage points from three months ago is unclear. The government attributes the people’s hope to resiliency. Palace officials say the poverty-alleviation programs set up by the administration are giving the people some breather.

Yet, since economic hardship still remains high and indicators don’t generally support bullish confidence in the country, cultural and psychological factors may be at play to influence the survey’s optimistic result.

We rightly laud our innate positive mentality which helps us cope with the economic crisis. But we have the temptation to look at reality in a blurry prism, sometimes with a tinge of “denial.” Our country is mired in a protracted “crisis” which makes it tempting to rest painful issues at the back-burner. Perhaps, the survey should not bring us that much of hope if we understand our situation more. (Photo Credit: Usman Farooq)=0=