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Longer recession blues as more jobs are lost in USA

December 5, 2008

As the first week of December ends, Americans are bracing for bleaker economic news today as the report of joblessness from last November will be released by the Labor Department.

From October’s 6.5%, the unemployment rate is expected to rise to about 6.8% as more pink slips for laid-off workers, estimated to be about 320,000, are issued as the Christmas holiday closes in.

“Just in recent days, household names like AT&T Inc., DuPont, JPMorgan Chase & Co., as well as jet engine maker Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., and mining company Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. announced layoffs.”—AP (12/05/08, Aversa, J)

It is said that since the start of the year 1.2 million jobs have been lost. It is feared that this can further aggravate the financial woes being suffered by the three big US auto companies: General Motors Corp (GM,) Chrysler LLC and Ford Motor Co.

Partly due to confusion, anger, and lack of knowledge, ordinary Americans are divided if bail outs of these companies are the solution to the problem. Capitol Hill is still weighing in whether to give the $34 billion asked for by the auto industry managers for their company’s survival.

The guarantee of tax-payers’ money to rescue these failing companies are the last that Americans want, but they seem to have little options. With a national debt of about $10.7 trillion dollars, America still talks big about money and spending. There are those who have been not been roused to the reality that the economy is truly in bad shape.

But, the conscientious public is thinking whether the nation can afford the extravagance, greed, and recklessness its leaders and citizens have been used to. In spite of assurances, the competence and ethical integrity of those running America are now being questioned. The issue of confidence in the American system is causing ripples in business circles worldwide.

As predicted by many business analysts, USA is likely to be stuck for a long haul in a deep recession whose post-war average duration is 10 months, the longest at 16 months. This December marks the 12th month of the current recession whose existence has been muddled for sometime by economic experts until just recently.

At the disclosure of the recession, President-elect Barack Obama announces a 2.5 million job generation plan which may cost the government $500 billion to finance. The staggering amount make the ordinary citizens dizzy as the new administration is headed for a glittery inaugural bash in January 20, 2009.

Confidence on America’s leaders has been under the cloud of doubt since the down-turn of the stock market and the failure of banking and housing industries. Next comes the the auto industry. The fall-out of these economic troubles to the world in spite of optimistic assurances isn’t completely known, but many are hurting and many more are going to be hurt. (Photo Credits: =0=

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