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Minutes: U.P. Ibalon Meeting

May 21, 2008

U.P. Ibalon Meeting

May 19, 2008, 8:00 p.m.

Coffee Beanery, Avenue Square, Naga City


Butch Robredo Eden Borja-Fernando Naning Mariano

Alaine Alberto-Fornoles Andy Gim[aya Sieg B. Bulaong

Totoy Badiola Edna Balaquiao Jovy Mijares

Dulce Bernardo Pitoy Moreno


A. June 14, U.P. Orientation

1. From Jazon’s text update:

· Letters have been delivered to the following:

Naga City Science High School

Cam. Sur Polytechnic College – Naga

Cam. Sur National High School

Division of City Schools (for the Public Schools)

University of Nueva Caceres

Naga College Foundation

St. Joseph School

Ateneo de Naga High School

· Letters have been mailed to the following:

La Consolacion College – Iriga

University of North Eastern Philippines

St. Brigitte School – Buhi

· Letters not yet mailed for:

Sta. Monica

Sta. Clara

University of St. Anthony

Division of Prov’l. Schools (c/o Edna C.)

2. Alaine needs copy of the list of schools and their principals for her following-up activity (requested from Jazon thru a call); to drop by immediately in Cam. High and NC Science High (w/ Sieg) to remind principals on the activity

3. Edna will coordinate with Naning re: expenses on sending the remaining undelivered letters

B. Recommended Program on June 14, 9a.m.-5 p.m., Fernando Hall, Plaza Medica

(sponsored by Eden B.)

Morning Sessions:

1. Opening Remarks c/o Butch (primarily to introduce the organization and share the objective of the orientation – to help more students get into the state university as a public service of the organization)

2. U.P. Now and Life Within – recommended to be delivered by a fresh graduate (Rolan Bulao is identified); to be coordinated thru Naning and Sieg

Note: Jazon, thru the phone call, informed the body that there might be conflict with his work on June 14, thus, might not be able to attend the activity and deliver his supposed topic.

3. STFAP c/o Edna

4. Additional financial help from the organization to help qualified 10 passers to have initial funds to start out in U.P. for the first 3 months (board and lodging); these will be reimbursed as soon as their STFAP stipends are made available

Note: Guidelines must be set-up for this to ensure fair, clear, and proper implementation.

5. Q&A after each talk was recommended

6. Presentation materials (powerpoint) was also recommended to enhance talks; Edna said she’ll prepare her own presentation

7. A U.P. video showing was also suggested

Afternoon Sessions:

8. After going through several suggestions and serious discussion anchored on the objective of the project, it was decided by the group to invite the assistance of Memorecall on the diagnostic exam and on the filling-up of mock application form

· This ensures that the techniques employed in giving the students a “taste” of the exam and their chances of passing it are undertaken by experts in the field.

· Butch recommended a budget of P5K (low) to P10K (high) c/o him and Eden (who agreed to share in the cost)

· Naning, Sieg, and Dulce to talk to Clarine the following day.

9. The whole day’s activity will be wrapped-up with closing remarks c/o Naning; Alaine suggested singing

Program to be finalized by Naning and to be presented next meeting.

LCD projector will be borrowed c/o Sieg.

  1. Attendees:

1. Target of 100 students – ok as a batch

2. Also prepare for back-up audience – coordinate w/ Clarine to invite her reviewers just in case there will be problems with the attendance c/o Dulce and Sieg

  1. Other Matters:

1. U.P. Panginuhod committed to help Ibalon implement the project next year. We just need to take care of their accommodation and meals (not necessarily fancy) and probably share in their transportation expenses.

2. Andy also suggested that we purchase our own domain (costing us around P5K annually) so we could have an or for our on-line review project.

· This could also be a source of funds if we opt to put advertisements in it (Andy would need to orient the body on this on a later date);

· We also need to have a paypal account if we go into this venture

Thereby having no more matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m. with Butch as the presiding officer. Next meeting is scheduled on May 26 (Monday), 7:30 p.m. in Lolo’s Bar.

Minutes taken by:

Sieg B. Bulaong

Approved by:

Butch M. Robredo