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Some of earth’s amazing wonders

December 31, 2008

There are beautiful things in the world that we’ll never see even if we exhaust seeking them in our lifetime. Many of the planet’s tantalizing scenes are remote for ordinary people to reach; others are quite rare for a chance encounter. Some are small and their details need microscopes to see— others too big beyond the discernment of the human senses.

To me , the photo of Sylvie Vincedet of Montepellier, France of the Antelope Canyon on the Navajo Reservation in Page, Arizona qualifies as among the most outstanding sights that I have seen so far. I have a reason to pause and look.

The secluded passageway is revered by those who have seen it. With some light peering from the sky, the rocky place lures. Its enigmatic sandy red-brown ridges carved by time are simply awesome. I behold nature for its plain and unending surprises. (Photo Credit: AP/ Matt York)