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UP Para Sa Bayan

December 13, 2008

The 2008 celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the University of the Philippines (UP) is about to close. There is much to thank for as many unnamed students and graduates have worked hard to fulfill their personal dreams and realize the school’s mission. On the other hand, there is much to be ashamed of (or regretful about) if some of UP’s graduates have fallen short of their potential.

UP Para Sa Bayan, a huge display of public service will be held in campus this Saturday, December 13, 2008. The slogan and happy occasion will showcase the relevance the school plays for the country. It will surely make many people feel good and proud.

A hundred “oblation men” will have a photo shoot at the amphitheatre. Free medical, veterinary, legal, and dental services will be offered to the public. A blood drive, a school-sponsored mass wedding and public entertainment are slated— all in one day.

This is the right time for every UP graduate to mull on what leadership, excellence, and service mean. There are those who say the university is now focused on service. And leadership and educational excellence have long been century-old indelible school trademarks.

But are they true? One can’t help but wonder if truth is what most people really see in the government-funded top learning center. The mirage which blurs the university’s actual accomplishments and failures still remains. Photo Credits: BotchokoyD, KuManahan; Ulan25; ButchokoyD) =0=


84.1% functional literacy of Filipinos, but…

September 9, 2008

“Literacy is the Best Remedy,” is the theme of the UN International Literacy day observed on September 8. Based on multi-agency data which include the Department of Education and the National Statistical Council, the functional literacy of Filipinos is 84.1%. This means 67 million of us are functionally literate and 12.72 million are illiterate. Not bad.

But the big number of illiterates is still a huge problem. With a sizeable impaired segment of the population, we cannot tap the maximum potential and productivity of our workers. Having close to 13 million individuals lacking in education and skills is a huge drain in our pool of nation builders. By estimates, this is close or a bit larger than the extent of the country’s brain drain—Filipinos who have left for jobs abroad.

Philippines must not slacken for about 65% of our youth are out of school and 56% of our students are not able to graduate in high school. Philstar (09/09/08, Roces, AR) There is an ominous message in this statistics as we proceed to the 21st century. Realizing that among the ranks of highly schooled literates, a significant number of talented Filipinos use their educational edge for their own selfish ends, the picture doesn’t look pretty. (Photo Credits: EDP@ICC)=0=


Heard From The Underbush

June 18, 2008

Gusto nilang maging commercial endorser, eh ang papangit naman nila, [They want to be commercial endorsers but they are so ugly],”

-Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago denounces politicians who endorse consumer products. She condemns this advertising as a form of early election campaign. PDI (06/17/08, Cabacungan, G.)

“We hope the government would undertake mitigating programs because there might be further rise in unemployment as a result of the rising power cost in the country.”

-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) spokesman Alex Aguilar reacting to the National Statistics Office (NSO) report which shows the rise of unemployment to 8% in April, 2008 from 7.4 of April last year. Philstar (06/18/08, Jaymalin, M)

I assure [students] that in 2009 we will prioritize this (the construction of more comfort rooms in public schools.)”

-DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus tells the audience of a Manila morning show, “Umagang Kay Ganda.” how he’ll solve the problem of filthy toilets in public schools. According to the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (based on DepEd’s records,) 51 elementary pupils share one toilet bowl. In high school, it’s even worse — 102 students share one toilet bowl. ABS-CBN Online (06/17/08)

I appealed, I cajoled, I threatened by telephone…These people do not have an ideology. This is pure banditry.”

-Sen Loren Legarda says on her role in gaining the release of reporter Ces Drilon et al who were held hostage by Islamic militants in Mindanao. ABS-CBN Online/AFP (06/18/08.)

That will drain more our finances. Now at 20 percent, we are bothered financially,”

-Rustico Jimenez, M.D., president of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, saying that it is too much to increase senior citizen hospital discount from 20% to 30%. Inquirer (06/17/08, Alave, KL.)

Even if cases have been filed against some alleged perpetrators of summary executions, justice remains elusive and the possibility of getting genuine justice remains unsure. This is because forensic investigations of human rights violations are not done with due diligence, either because of unwillingness to do so, or because of incompetence to do good investigations,”

-Dr. Aurora Parong, Amnesty International (Philippine section director,) bewails the lack of justice in the Philippines. Manila Times (06/17/08, Apanay, IK.)