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Ricky Martin, singer, a father of twins

August 21, 2008

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, 36, becomes a father of boy twins born through ‘gestational surrogacy” this August 2008. The identity of the mother who donated the egg(s) nor the woman who carried the babies to term isn’t presently known, but babies, and dad are reportedly well.

La subrogación gestacional es la transferencia del embrión a una mujer que lo carga en su útero. Generalmente la mujer que lo carga no tiene ninguna relación genética con el feto.’—NY Daily News /AP/Prensa Associada (08/20/08) “Gestational surrogacy” is the transfer of the embryo to a woman who carries the baby to term in her uterus. The woman has no genetic affinity with the embryo (becomes a fetus when it gets older in utero.) The embryo is fertilized in vitro from a donor egg of a woman (different from the one who carries the baby to term)with the father’s sperm.

Known for being a member of the popular boy dance-sing group called Menudo, his later hit interpretation of “Livin’ with La Vida Loca” and his charitable works for the prevention of human trafficking and child exploitation, Martin has custody of the twins and is elated to assume fatherhood. *PCredit: Getty Images)=0=

A Dead Angel Standing By His Coffin

August 19, 2008

People have special wishes when they die. At death, Angel Pantoja Medina, 24, of San Juan, Puerto Rico has made his own. His last wish is to stand on his wake at the time of his passing. That’s what his family did when he met his untimely death underneath a bridge on August 15, 2008. Antes de morir, Angel pedio su ultimo deseo ser velado de pie en la sala de residencia.

After being embalmed, Angel was propped up by his relatives to stand upright, had him lean on a corner of a wall, beside his flower-laden coffin.
Wearing his NY baseball cap, eyeglasses, and matching black T-shirt, he looks serenely at peace. (Photo Credit: Alicea,AL). =0=